8. Acropolis

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What's this all about? The famous Acropolis obvious received a complete makeover here, but what the heck, let's infiltrate these ruins and only God knows what more we should do here...

Note: Sorry, but I have to say this. I've thought about the theme 'Acropolis' and what the true meaning of the word is. I know that 'polis' means city, for example a 'Necropolis' is kind of a cemetary, meaning 'City of the Dead'. So the name 'Acropolis' should also mean something, right? Finally I got it... there are also 'Acrobats', those are people who do gymnastics with ropes, bars and so on, mostly in a circus. Thus the 'Acropolis' has to be a city in the air or on a mountain... right? Or is there somebody else who knows Ancient greek?

Acropolis – Find a way to the Acropolis

Proceed until you reach this 'bridge' where you'll receive the radio message, then go down under the bridge because there's a document. Then back upwards and through the opening. From now on it's straight forward until you reach the Acropolis (which looks very different today!). Proceed the path down and at the tree near the first tent (to the left) you'll find a survival cache. There's also a crate with special arrows. Collect everything in the area, in the rear I saw the blinking of another survival cache. Challenge: Cut Short. In a tent there's a radio device hanging on a pole, shoot it. There's also the Remnant Bazaar base camp.

Savegame 12 = Start of the next part (12th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Proceed through the first gate directly to the first fight of the day... Easy enough... after the video sequence I just went back behind that bar nearby, from there I was able to kill all enemies with headshots. Afterwards you can shoot the radios 2, 3 and 4 and loot the place. Proceed carefully down the hallway, there are two baddies, deal with them. Go on, there's just one possible way. You'll reach 3 new enemies and don't forget to look for goodies.

Infiltrate the ruins and find Sofia (Loren)

Infiltrate has nothing to do with filter coffee I think, maybe you can ask your friend Jacob(s Coffee) about it... Anyway, as you tag along, Lara falls through the collapsing floor and has to kill 2 bogeys. Move through the gap, sneak and take care of the next 'Tangos'. Here are coins and you can smash the wall. Proceed to the wall painting and further on until you reach the weapon storage, where you'll find a grenade arrow. There's also a relic. Grenade arrows will destroy metal barriers! Through the barred window shoot at the door with your grenade arrow (don't forget to shoot with RB instead of RT!!). As usual you can make grenade arrows with RB, provided that you have the right ingredients. After the video you can proceed to the table and take the document, there's also a monolith unlocking some coin caches on your map; then go to the Riverside Landing base camp. If you like you can use fast travel in order to collect some goodies in other areas or to visit the supply shack. Now move on, there's another document, then enter the bridge, to the left you'll find a relic. Jump over the bridge and shoot a grenade arrow at the metal door. I've already had the grenade launcher (rifle upgrade), you can use both. Reach the tower. In the next area another fight awaits, there's also an important crate.

Blow the next door (after you've searched the whole place carefully) and proceed to the next violent confrontation... to the left there's radio 5/6 hanging on the tent. The fight should be no problem, threre's also no flame thrower... Finally the last fight is over and you'll see a video, then you'll find a map, radio 6/6, a document and in a corner a survival cache. Here is the Tower Courtyard base camp and another gunfight starts.

Savegame 13 = Start of the next part (13th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

At the end of the corridor you'll find a document. In the next room you'll encounter a baddy with a shield... best you use your axe here. Now the last big fight comes... first take care of all enemies, should be no real problem. Then another baddy with a shield arrives and another armored guy. Take care of the armored one, then use grenade arrows or the grenade launcher to eliminate the one with the shield. Note: Later on you should return here using fast travel to collect all missing goodies.

Back to the woods

Use a rope arrow to get over the chasm, then a message appears: Push X while in the air to use the grapple axe. But first take the backpack which unlocks new locations on your map, then jump. As required push X while in the air to use the grapple axe. After that balance over the log and jump to the right edge, again pressing X in the air. To the right there's a document, then proceed. Now you'll have to reach this hook, push X and Lara moves on to the climbing wall (using X again). Almost there... (just like in the Star Wars movie!!). Jump to the right, climb, jump to the next climbing wall pushing X again...

Geothermal Valley – Find your way back to the Remnant village (Silent Night)

You'll find a crate and the Cliffside Lookout base camp.

Savegame 14 = Start of the next part (14th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Jump on the bar and use X for your grapple axe, then Lara slides down. Go back a bit to grab the document then use your axe again to reach the next shack. Blow the door of this shack with an explosive arrow, inside you'll find a crate, behind the shack there are some goodies and near the rock wall you'll find a survival cache. Tip: As I've blown up the door, the blast wave pushed me down into the valley but one can climb up easily. Now climb the tree and jump to the platform for the map, then use the zipline...

Tip: After landing in the water one can go back where you came from, threre's an ally. Obviously this is the path back to the Geothermal Valley. You could use it to finish some business there (bonus tombs etc.) but you can also use fast travel at any camp. Storywise we should proceed now to the

Occupied Village

Just move on, take care of all 'tangos' and move the stairs up into a shack, there's a document. Through the window into the next fight, which isn't that easy... time for some tactics... I went into the next building, from there you could kill one of them silently. Out on the porch, prepare a Molotov and throw it to the buddies at the campfire. Hide behind the shack and wait until the rest of the bunch move your way. Should be easy now. At the campfire you'll find some coins, a crate to the left as well as a document. There's a meadow and you can use a Molotov to open up the entrance to a small cave (some goodies and a document). Before that there's another document, I think. Leave the area, move through a shack to the right, threre's another document. The next fight should be fairly easy, take cover whenever possible. Afterwards loot the place, there's also a coin cache marked on your map. In the building go upstairs (document), out on the balcony and jump to the edge, using X for your grapple axe. Continue to the next document, eventually you'll reach the Cathedral Courtyard base camp.

Savegame 15 = Start of the next part (15th slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

There's also a coin cache nearby. At the end of the stairs there's another document, jump to the pole and use your grapple axe again (X). Climb the tower and take care of the guard (Y). Proceed to the left (grapple axe), reach the edge and the document. Jump on the bar und jump up, finally climb through the opening to the right. Again make use of the grapple axe, then you'll approach 2 guys, lead them to a higher ground (Just in case...). Use the grapple axe for a jump towards the tower (not for the faint hearted!) and then jump down to the right. From now on everything should be straight forward (nevertheless I fell two times...)

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Part 1 + 2 - Click to enlarge!


Auf Youtube nenne ich mich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen "Prediger Krause".

Hier ist noch meine selbst angefertigte Let's Play Version  (von damals) mit wichtigen und beeindruckenden Kommentaren. Achtung, das ist der Guide to Survival!


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