2. Syria - The Prophet's Tomb

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What's this all about? Well, I'm sure we all know the problem: we are hunted by a soviet military chopper, it was only at the last weekend, when...

Savegame 1 = Start of the level (first slot in my 100% Savegame, which contains 29 slots)

Search the cliffs for ruins. Go along the small path upwards, jump to the rock-face and climb/jump to the right and further upwards until you reach the top. Go then a little bit to the right, you'll find a relic (1/2). After that, climb into the opening and move along with your shiny blue glow stick to the monolith. You can push X but Lara is not able to read the drivel, seriously: who amongst you had ancient greek in school? Hint: push the right stick (RS) of your controller to activate the survival instinct (well known from 'Tomb Raider 2013') and now everything important glows! Now you'll recognice 4 wall paintings, which you can examine with X. This triggers also a crash course in ancient languages and voilà: finally you are able to read the inscription on the monolith (X). If you use your map now (back button), you'll see an indication on the player waypoint. You can mark any object on your map with A and if you push ingame the RS (survival instinct), you'll see a blue light in your actual surroundings. Now mark this XX on your map, and after that you can dig up a coin cache. Normally there's no other way to find these, but if I'm not mistaken, there's also a very small blinking, similar to the GPS caches in TR2013. For now we are done here, look at your map or push RS in order to find the exit. Then use X to reach the open with your axe...

The hidden oasis – find a way into the tomb of the prophet. Move along to the stonewalled pillar on which you can dash up with the well known double jump (push 'jump' two times). Climb left around the corner, jump to the next edge and from there with a double jump upwards. Now it will be a bit tricky! Balance carefully over the bar, when it crumbles jump immediately forward in order to reach a platform and then jump forward once again. After that jump down on the rock plate and further along the edge under the pillars. Climb/jump to the right and upwards, then climb up to the entrance. Now you can move along cheerfully (and don't be scared by the emaciated man) until you have to kick a few times (Y)...

The tomb of the prophet – explore the corridors of the tomb. Right at the beginning there is a container on the right side which you can see far better with your survival instincts (RS down). It seems that this is the 'donation'. Search small orange containers for rewards. But I don't get it and I don't know where in your inventory this will be counted. Otherwise everything else will be displayed or counted correctly, whatever you'll find. However, just grab that thing! There'll be some good in it anyways. In any case you'll notice a big picture on the left, another lesson for your language course; and again to the left there's a document (1/4). When you continue you'll reach a crossbeam which blocks your path and suddenly some spikes emerges from it. This is a trap – very well combined, Watson!! Now you'll have to shoot on the block above the crossbeam, aim with LT, if done correctly the color of the crosshair changes to red and you can shoot with RT. LT, RT and all this controller mumbo jumbo you will find in my Introduction. Now the trap is destroyed. When you continue, you'll fall into a trench. Now let's escape in style! Shoot at the block above the board which is hanging on the rope. Afterwards smash the wall to the left, water comes out and you can climb over the board into the next corridor. Now it's time for fast action! After Lara slid down she's being catched by a leghold trap. Now shoot quickly at the block, but luckily for you it comes in slow motion, then push X several times very quickly in order to escape the leghold trap and after that you must dive (push B as fast as you can). Phew... well, let's shuffle along...

Go to the top floor of the main burial chamber. Jump down into the water and smash the wall in order to raise the water level. Now you can go ashore across the room and climb. Tip: If you are stuck and you don't know what to do next, just wait a few seconds and Lara will give hints in the form of self-talk. Now jump onto the bar on the rope in order to raise the water level again. Now you can go explore... First, there is another 'donation' on the left (No 2) and on the right bank you'll find relic 2/2. If you continue there and climb on the lying pillar, you can jump to the right in order to get the 'archivar map'. This is similar to the treasure map of TR2013 – all valuables will be displayed on your map. The archivar map is – from the first point of view (entrance) – to the right on your map. Now you can collect all valuables of the lower level, using your survival instinct in order to find coin caches. Tip: This area isn't big and you can search it very easily. After that you'll have to find your way towards the tower in the middle. On one side of this tower there is some kind of diagonal ramp – move up there. From here you can shoot at two lamps/jars (incense burners) hanging on a rope or a block, again the crosshair must be red. For this puzzle Lara has unlimited ammunition. Challenge: Hang 'Em High: There are 7 jars/lamps/incense burners you have to shoot in order to master this challenge. They are not difficult to locate, one of them is hanging in the tower – just remember: it's about the jars with the rectangular block above them, not the small round thingies! Unfortunately they do not glow when using your survival instincts but as said, they are easy to find.

Back to topic... As said, you'll have to jump to the tower in the middle using the diagonal ramp but beware! There is a trap and you have to jump forward very quickly. Around the corner there is something lying on the floor and you jump on the pillar. Now jump on the next pillar and move on to the corridor. This is the corridor which leads upwards on your map. Be careful in this corridor, when the floor collapses, jump forward and you'll see a small golden circle on the floor. Jump across this area, if you do not, a spike pit opens and you'll have to shoot at it as explained above. At the end of the corridor you can pick up document 4/4, according to your map you should have found everything in this area by now. Syria, 100 % completed, that's what my map says right now.

Now you have to move on... shoot at the bar on the left, jump on the wooden pallet in front of you and move quickly on the other side. There are some coins just lying on the floor, then smash the wall to the right. Now it's getting a bit complicated but I've made it on my first try. Jump on the hanging bar, Lara falls down in the water and you climb quickly on the other pallet, then again quickly onwards to the pillar, from there with the double jump to the edge above. Now you jump to the bar over the hanging pallet, this triggers a short video clip. After that you climb on top and another video starts. Now you have to shoot at the two bad guys, on my difficulty level (Tomb Raider = standard) I've managed to kill them on my first try (tho I had the impression that my aim was not correctly done). Anyway, jump to the position of those bad, erm, dead guys and now just run and jump forward very fast! In addition you'll have to push X twice when shown on the screen. In case you have difficulties, there is a savepoint so you can start from there. I don't know exactly how many savepoints there are, but really, it's not that complicated at all. Every step is logical and everytime the camera points exactly towards the next area where you should head...

Here is the map of this area, unfortunately you have to look very close in order to recognise everything but you can print it out (you can also paint it, if you like )

Map normal - Map print version - Legend - Click to enlarge!


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