1. Prologue - Mountain Peak

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Now our second adventure with the new Lara Croft is about to begin...

What's this all about? Our beloved cave explorer Lara Croft won an adventure trip to the Lithuanian Prealps, and now she's roaming the place in pursuit of the meaning of life, the universe... and her lost house key...

Climb: reach the peak

Seems easy enough. Let's go! Follow your buddy Heinz-Otis Obama until you fall and quickly have to push X when shown on the screen. Now Lara tries to hold on and you have to move to the right hand over hand as well as jump, maybe you also have to push X again if shown on the screen. After that you have to jump upwards until you finally reach the top. Now move on to the ice wall, use X to have a firm grip and climb upwards, just right around the corner, left around the corner and now jump to the left to the next ice wall. Of course you have to use X again in order to hook up and to use your fancy axe. Off we go, now jump across to Heinz-Otis. Move with A over the edge and follow the path upward, waddle into the cave, which will be illuminated by Lara in a very atmospheric way. After the cave just move on and jump to the right in order to reach the climbing-wall, again with X. Now upwards to the right and further upwards towards the next ice wall - of course using A for the jumps an X to hook up (surely you know that already, do you?). Now move on until Lara is hanging on the rope – the classical cliff-hanger. Now use the left stick (LS) in a very tactical and cunning way to move the rope until Lara finally is able to hook up into the ice wall, then climb up quickly.

Note: Even if the panorama is a scenic one you clearly should avoid any pauses during this sequence, because if you do that, you'll likely will experience the usual alpine mishap... but that's what automatic savepoints are for, right?

After that, swiftly to the right, jump across the boards, and again you have to push X. Move on quickly, jump to the pole and further on to the rope. In the beginning Lara slips off the rope, you have to push X repeatedly when indicated on the screen. Tip: Use the back button on your controller to check the map for your exact position, your objectives, tasks and other essential informations about Lara. Right now, move and jump quickly forward if a chasm appears in front of you. After that, the screen goes white, then dark. All in all it feels like your usual argument with your mother-in-law, then you'll see a nice video...


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