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Those who've played „Tomb Raider – A Survivor is born“ shouldn't have any problems at all, everything in the new game is similar, at least about the basic mechanisms. Check also my introduction => Einleitung - of „A Survivor is born“. The important thing is that you have to push the right stick down (RS) in order to experience the 'Survival Instinct'. Otherwise the controls should be virtual identical and I will amend this page later on in a detailed way...

In the beginning of the game you'll have to choose the level of difficulty, but you can change this at any given moment in the respective options menu – except at the highest level of difficulty! A detailed explanation of the different difficulty levels is also available in the options menu (if you want to change it).


Adventurer = Here the focus of the game is on Laras adventures (easiest level)

O Aim assistance active during combat

O Enemies have less health and damage values (this means that they'll cause less damage on the player)

Tomb Raider = Balanced (This is the standard setting at the beginning)

O Aim assistance not active during combat

O Enemies have normal health an damage values

Experienced Raider = Combat is challenging

O Aim assistance not active during combat

O Health regeneration only possible outside of combat

O Enemies have more health and damage values

O Enemies are more perceptive

Survivor = Test your surviving skills! (Can only be chosen when selecting a new game, during this run through you can not alter the level of difficulty!)

O Aim assistance not active during combat

O Health regeneration deactivated

O Enemies have more health and damage values

O Enemies are more perceptive

O There are more dangerous enemies

O Less ressources and upgrades are more expensive

O Note: by means of chapter replay 'Elite' I've only played the last chapter at this difficulty level so far - shortly before Lara reaches the helicopter - and it is possible. On PC it should be easier because aiming should be more precise.




LS = Movement

LS push down = sprint / changing point of view (while aiming)

RS = camera

RS push down = survival instinct / zoom (while aiming)

LT = (holding) aim / (holding) dive (while swimming)

RT = firing standard ammunition or throwing objects (while aiming) / (holding) making standard arrows

LB = (holding) healing

RB = firing alternate ammunition (while aiming) / (holding) making alternate ammunition

X = interact / using climbing axe / throwing gripper hooks / reloading (while aiming)

Y = close combat assault / execution

A = jump / climb

B = sidestep / dodge / drop / fast swimming / dodge (while aiming)

+ - Directional pad = weapon selection (push again to choose alternate ammunition)

> - Start button = Pause / options

< - Back button = Map / inventory


Microsoft XBox-Gamepad (general)

Important Tips:

The whole skills-, weapons- and inventory system is now a little bit more complicated compared to „Tomb Raider 2013“, but in the end it is very similar. After all it is very easy to understand and to use. The new thing is that for weapon upgrades you'll need not only salvage but also a bunch of different 'ingredients'. Some of them you will just find, for others you have to hunt down and kill several animals (as well as enemies) which you can loot afterwards. If you choose a particular weapon while using a campfire and then select it (A button), you will be able to see all possible upgrades. White symbols (upgrades) are already installed, the red ones are missing because of lack of ingredients. On the right side you'll see a list of these missing ingredients with small icons. In case you want to know exactly what you need one can simply push Y, then you'll see another list with detailed explanations of all the different ingredients, in addition you will be able to see the necessary amount of each single ingredient as well as the number of the missing items. Important: for example, on the bottom right it reads: chromite ore. But this will be only available, if you have mastered the Bonus Tomb: The Pit of Judgement in the Geothermal Valley. Because only there you will receive the skill geology. And only after that you'll be able to mine chromite ore in caves.


Last update: März 16, 2019

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