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This is a FAQ for Tomb Raider 1, however, most of the items here are applicable for, but some
items are irrelevant for Unfinished Business.

General rules:

Don't use QEMM. Disable or reduce the frequency of any system agents, i.e. TSR, screen savers, virus programs, etc.


If you have OS/2, make sure you have version 4 or above and are using the DOS session.

SCSI device owners: On some occasions, Tomb Raider will not run at all due to the interface incompatibility. We regret to inform you that their won’t be any patches for this problem.

If you own a PnP type sound card, please get the most recent DOS sound drivers from the manufacturer.


1) Controllers: Joystick and Gamepads, Icons spin, No Controls.

2) Configuring the Joystick/Gamepad.

3) Sound Issues, Red Book Audio, Sound Detection.

4) Display Blackouts, Image Incompatibility, Mesh Graphics, Animations, FMV (full motion video).

5) CDROM drives faster than 4x, long pauses, Read Error, Vibrations.

6) 3D Video Cards.

7) Where to get hints and Our Codes.

8) What operating systems are supported?

9) Where is the background music?

10) How to exit.

11) Why is there sound cutouts in the German version?

12) Can I run it on a 486?

13) SEGA Saturn version users.

14) How to get high resolution or SVGA mode.

15) Can I copy the whole game to the hard drive?

16) Disable the autorun and examining files.

17) Save File Issues.

18) Error Messages.

19) Tomb Raider Story Line Synopsis.


1) Controllers: Joystick and Gamepads, Icons spin, No Controls.

Spinning icons or sudden movements is attributed to the games incompatibility with your joystick/gamepad or game port. Power down your computer and unplug the joystick/gamepad then turn on the computer and play the game. Regardless of the recommendation below, if the problems continue to persist, then the game is not compatible with the device.

Diamond Edge 2000 and 3000 series video card has a sega gameport included, the only solution is to disable this port manually. We suggest you carefully do so as it may render your card useless if handled incorrectly.

Diamond 3D Rage and the menu ring just keeps on spinning:

You will need to get the latest drivers for the card from Diamond (Version 2.21). This will give you a new Tab in the Display Adapter Properties that controls your Joystick Port on the card. You will need to disable the joystick ports. If you have problems you will need to contact Diamond Technical Support to set the card up properly.

How to disable the EDGE 3D Digital game port in DOS:

From the WINDOWS directory, edit DOSSTART.BAT. You will see the following:



Change the SET NVJOY=ON to SET NVJOY=OFF. This disables the EDGE 3D game port in DOS. Save the file and exit. Restart the system in MS-DOS mode for the changes to take effect. To enable the game port once again for the EDGE 3D, simply reverse the procedure.

GRAVIS Grip owners, Gamepad Pro or Grip system, use the multiport v1.2, the old multiport drivers, not the new ones.

If you have a CH Gamepad, use the speed adjustable driver in the autoexec.bat.

CH Gameport: Please install the DOS driver. You can get a copy from their website for updated versions.

Gravis Gamepad Pro users, in Win95 only, you can use the profiler or multiport drivers. Or for either Win95 or DOS, on the underside of the pad, make sure the selector is set to 1-player mode only.

To set up the GRAVIS Grip Key program: set from regular keyboard keys and put them on the game pad, save it as "Tombraider.GKS" or any other name with .GKS extension. Make sure the Tombraider.GKS (Grip Key Set) is "Configured" in File/configure GRIP. Then hit the "!" icon on the toolbar (8'th from the left) and it should be in the bottom right conner. Load the game. To download the upgrade for the GRIP KEY 2.10:


-Contributor: Van Hoesen

Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad: This pad will not work if you use the Sound Blaster AWE32 sound card.








How to change the keyboard control keys, avoiding the Windows 95 key:

From the Main Title screen, select the Control icon. Use the left or right arrow in order for the name to display ‘User defined keys.’ Use the down or up arrow to select the action commands you want then hit Enter, the box should move to the left. You can now select which keyboard key you want to use for this particular action. NOTE: the ‘Default Keys’ can never be changed. Regardless of any new keys you selected under User defined keys, you will be able to use those keys at the same time. Flashing cursor indicates that you have selected 1 keyboard key for two or more actions. Another option to disable the Windows 95 key is to get a shareware utility from Microsoft that disables the Win95 key.

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2) Configuring the Joystick/Gamepad Devices:

To use the gamepad or joystick, go to the Main Title screen, select the Control icon, and go to the user defined keys. Arrow to the action you want, hit Enter, the box should move to the left, then hit any button. Ignore the forward, backward, right, and left since it will be defaulted to the stick. Also, no calibration will appear.

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3) Sound Issues, Red Book Audio, Sound Detection.

General Sound Installation if Auto Detect does not work or no sound in the game:

If you have Windows 95:

• From the Start menu, select Shut down

• Choose restart in MSDOS MODE

For all users:

Type D: on the prompt (assuming your cdrom drive letter is D:)

Type 'install'

When you see the Sound Setup Screen, select Continue.

Choose Save Settings

Let the Installation continue

The game will play so skip all the animations by pressing ESC.

Exit the game by opening the book or passport with the Enter key, the right arrow until you see Exit To Title.

From the C:\tombraid (default directory)

Type the command 'setup'

Choose 'manual select.'

Below is a list of sound cards and settings you will need to manually set:

(For all Sound Blaster type sound cards, any model, use the following setting as defaults:

Address/Port: 220, IRQ: 5, DMA: 1)

Compaq Computers using SoundBlaster 16/AWE32, set to SoundBlaster Pro.

SoundBlaster 16 PnP or AWE PnP, manually set the sound card. (We highly recommend you get the DOS drivers from Creative Labs.)

NEC Ready Series Computers, use Soundblaster.

IBM MWave DSP Sound Card/Modem, add this line to your config.sys:

device=c:\mww\manager\dwcfgmg.sys (directory path may vary)

Applies to Acer and IBM Aptiva Computers.

1. From Windows 95, choose START.

2. Choose "Run."

3. In the "Open" box, type SYSEDIT and press ENTER.

4. Click on the Window that says CONFIG.SYS

5. Add the following line, if it isn’t present, device=c:\mww\manager\dwcfgmg.sys

6. Click on file|exit and save when the programs asks you.

  1. Click on START|Shutdown|Restart Computer and then click YES.
  2. Select Restart Computer in MS DOS Mode and then click YES.
  3. Once you are in DOS change to your CD-ROM by typing either D: or G:
  4. When you have a D:\ or G:\ prompt type INSTALL and press the enter key.
  5. When Tomb Raider Setup menu comes up choose Set Up Sound.
  6. At Sound Setup chose manually select sound card.
  7. Chose Sound Blaster , Port 220, DMA 1, IRQ 5. Then chose test.
  8. If you heard Lara say, "Right, Let’s go adventuring!", chose Continue.
  9. Chose save settings. At this point the game will load. After you go through the introduction exit the game. Once you hav the DOS prompt, type exit and press enter, Windows will now restart.

After Windows has started, double click on My Computer Icon, then double click on the CD-ROM drive the game should now start with no problem.

HP computers using Yamaha sound cards in Win95:

in the Autoexec.bat file, REM the SET BLASTER line, reboot

HP Pavilion PC with the Yamaha OPL3-SA, shut down to DOS, manually select the Sound Blaster.

PACKARD BELL COMPUTERs, use Sound Blaster.


Yamaha OPL3sa audio device: select MS Sound System, Port 530, DMA 1.

COMPAQ computers with ESS AUDIO: select ESS AUDIO using similar Sound Blaster settings.

SONY computers: select Sound Blaster.

RAP 10 sound cards: be cautious when you configure the setting, the game does not support this card.

Gravis Ultrasound Card: After you have installed the game, either from DOS or Win95, edit the HMISET.CFG in the Tombraid dir. Under the [DIGITAL] section, look for the line: DEVICEID = ...

If you manually set or autodetect the sound card for Gravis Ultrasound, this number should be 0xe024. Change this to the following: DEVICEID=0xe023 (changing the number from 24 to 23).

Do not run sound setup anymore but you must run the game from DOS.

-Contributor: Andrew Liebeskind

Make sure your SCSI jumpers and IRQ's are configured properly and are not conflicting with any other devices. Also, for all sound cards, check that the AUTOEXEC.BAT has the proper configured settings in the SET BLASTER and SET SOUND lines.

For sound or background music, if it plays in DOS, use DOS exclusively; if it works in Win95, use Win95. In you are able to play in DOS but want to keep Win95 running, you can create a shortcut by right clicking TOMB.EXE then select 'Shortcut'. Right click on the shortcut icon and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'Program' tab then select 'Advanced'. Choose 'MsDos Mode' and click 'Use current.....configuration'.

If you get an error message: "...sound is already in use

by another program...", shut down to DOS and manually set the sound card, as described from the top.

If you have the demo and the sound setting was working and now your full game version does not, copy the HMISET.CFG from the demo directory into your full game directory.

No music in any animations and the Main Title Screen: This problem has been found in computers using SCSI devices (SCSI cdroms) or the drive letter is greater than D. Right now, the only solution is to plug an RCA audio cable from the cdrom headset jack to the audio input of sound card. This is the same with the PnP and second sound daughterboards.

Creative Labs Plug and Play Sound card and Windows 95:

You will need to install the DOS drivers for the Sound Blaster 16. To obtain these driver, do a web search for Creative Labs. If you don’t have Internet access, call Creative Labs Technical Support at (405) 742-6622.

Dell Latitude Laptop Computer: Your sound card is most likely the ESS Audio Drive. "Manually Select Sound Card" and use ESS Audio Drive, Your port setting is 220, Your DMA will be 1, and IRQ is 5.

Hewlett-Packard , Windows 95, and Tomb Raider:

CAUSE: Tomb Raider operates in a Virtual DOS Machine under Windows 95. If there is a SET BLASTER statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, the sound drivers for Tomb Raider will not install properly.

SOLUTION: The following steps describe how to edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, REMark the SET BLASTER statement, and configure the sound driver for Tomb Raider:

1. From Windows 95, choose START.

2. Choose "Run."

3. In the "Open" box, type SYSEDIT and press ENTER.

4. Locate the AUTOEXEC.BAT window and select using the mouse.

5. Use the arrow keys to place the cursor in front of the statement:


6. Type REM in front of this statement so it looks like this:


7. Choose "X" to close the AUTOEXEC.BAT window.

8. When you see ‘Save Current Changes’, Choose the YES button.

9. Select the "X" to close the System Configuration Editor (SYSEDIT).

10. Choose START, then select "Shutdown."

11. Select "Restart the Computer" and choose "Yes."

12. Allow the computer to restart and load Windows 95.

13. Place the Tomb Raider CD in the CD Drive.

14. The Tomb Raider software will start automatically.

NOTE: If you have an HP Pavilion PC Model 7270, double-click on "My Computer" and double-click the mouse on the "Tombraider" icon to start the Tomb Raider program.

15. At the Tomb Raider start menu, select "Sound Setup" and press ENTER.

16. Select "Manually Select Card" and press ENTER.

  1. Select "Sound Blaster Pro" and press ENTER. Select "220" and press ENTER.
  2. Select "1" and press ENTER. And finally, select "5" and press ENTER.

19. Select "Test" and press ENTER.

You should hear a voice saying, "Right, let's go adventuring."

20. Select "Continue" and press ENTER. Then select "Save Settings" and press ENTER.

The game will start and sound should now be heard.

NOTE: If you complete these steps and no sound or partial sound is heard (for example, you can hear music but cannot hear WAV files), you may need to remove the Sound driver in the Windows 95 Device Manager, then restart Windows 95 and allow Windows 95 to Plug and Play and reinstall the default Sound driver.

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4) Display Blackouts, Image Incompatibility, Mesh Graphics, Animation’s, FMV (full motion video).


-Disable DOSKEY drivers

-Service Pak 2, Rev B, or OEM SR2, the game will not work.

-Windows NT will not work with the game.

-486 machines: Tomb Raider may work if your video card contains more than 2MB of VRAM.

Display Problems: Change the refresh rates on monitors to at least 72 Mhz and run the Universal driver.

If your screen locks up, is distorted, or only shows a certain section, then run these programs/drivers before installing or playing the game:

1) the univesa driver that came with the cd or through our ftp site, or

2) a DOS UNIVBE shareware driver, you can download one from, or

3) using a commercial application called a Power2Play Utility program.

If you have a black screen upon running the installation or tomb executables: run any of the above programs, disable any TSR's, and do all the steps in DOS.

Known cards that requires VESA drivers:

STB Velocity 3D

Diamond Stealth 64

Imagine Series 128 se

Diamond 2000 or 3000 series cards (some, not all)

Matrox Millenium with Gravis Ultrasound card

STB Video Rage

Tseng ET4000






Hercules Dynamite 128.

Possible problems with these setups:

Cirrus logic 5430/40 PCI and AZT2316/R sound card.

Diamond EDGE 3D Video Adapter and TYAN Tomcat Motherboard

Diamond TELECOMMANDER Sound/Modem card

STB Velocity 3D

If you are loading UNIVBE and do not get any animations or a black screen, disable this driver.

If you have the Tseng ET4000 video card, use the TLIVESA driver from Tseng.

Matrox Millenium cards: run the command "uvcongif.exe /s28" from the Matrox directory using the Martrox MGA series drivers. -Contributor: Chris

S2 chipset owners, please get the latest drivers from S3.

MATROX MYSTIQUE VIDEO CARD AND THE COLORS ARE ALL WRONG: press the F1 key, refer to page 4 of the manual.

Number 9 video card and no FMV: go to web site and download the DOS UNIVBE (Display Doctor) shareware program.

Cirrus Logic 7555 with compressed graphics: same as Number 9 above.

Orchid Righteous 3D: revision "D" cards with SEC memory had a few production problems. Please consult Orchid for a patch.

Can not initialize FMV player: possible solution is to open the CD-ROM drive door and close it as the game goes to a black screen.

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5) CDROM drives faster than 4x, long pauses, Read Error, Vibrations.


Having a DOS drivers for your CDROM drive solve most of problems you encounter with regards to CD audio and video. If you don’t have this driver or unsure, please contact your CDROM or computer maker for more assistance.

If you have a CDROM drive faster than a 4x, using a 4x DOS driver also alleviates incompatibilities. Again, consult the CDROM or computer maker for more information.


cannot initialize FMV device


Possible fixes:

Obtain the latest drivers from the CDROM manufacturer. Most of them are available on the web site.

NEC CDROM Drive: You must use an older NEC_IDE.SYS DOS driver, dated prior to December 1994. -Contributor: Jeff

TOSHIBA CDROM Drives and Other CDROM Drives greater than 4X:

There are multiple problems with the Toshiba drives or fast CDROM drives and this game such as long pauses, loss of the red book audio, and loss of save files. To this date, we don't have any fix, just a possible solution. We are currently investigating the cause of this conflict. These are possible solutions:

Changing the DOS driver from the TAISATAP.SYS to the Toshiba 4X driver D011v109.sys (an Oak Technology driver). -Contributor: CLEVE

Red Book Audio: After you restart the computer, run the game screen and select Sound Setup. Redo the sound settings until the TEST option work. (Note: If you had to shut down to DOS, then you would run SETUP.) After you complete the sound setup, run the game.

Loss of Red Book Audio:

When you get to the Main Title Screen and you don't hear any sound, you need to reinstall doing the following:

Delete a file in your C: drive called Tombpath.bat. After this, run the installer from your cdrom and do everything similar to what you did before, including the correct directory path. The files will be overwritten but any save files will not. You can also delete the entire Tombraid directory and the Tombpath.bat file then reinstall. If you have any save files, just place them in a temporary directory.

If you have multiple CDROM drives, make sure the CDROM you use to play the game is the first drive the game will look, i.e. its ID number is the first among all CDROM drives.

Another solutions: Disable smartdrv and add "buffer=30"

'S_Loadlevel(): Could not open …..’ Error:

This error is one of the main cause of these drives. The solution stated above is the only known workaround. Having known these problems, we will try to investigate and attempt to fix this problem.

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6) 3D Video Cards.

You may have noticed why we only support 3DFX, Rendition, and Mystique chipsets. The reason for this is that their software engineers have worked closely with our developers to create such a patch. Possible additions to this lineup is highly unlikely because of our next project, Tomb Raider II.

List of 3DFX cards:

Diamond Monster 3D

Orchid Righteous 3D

List of Rendition cards:

Creative Labs 3D Blaster

Intergraph Reactor

Sierra On-Line Screamin’ 3D

Canopus Total 3D


MATROX Mystique 2MB and 4MB cards.

For 3DFX cards:

Black screen and white line around gun shots: Disable the VGA Palette Snoop option in the Bios. We recommend this only if you are familiar with your BIOS, consult the manual or the computer maker.

Pink colors: You are using a prototype 3DFX board, please use a production board.


If you get a message: "COULD NOT OPEN VERITE ERROR CODE 50:01", please make sure you have installed the VERITE drivers. If you did not get any software along with your video card, check from your source or the manufacturer itself.

Orchid Righteous 3D: revision "D" cards with SEC memory had a few production problems. Please consult Orchid for a patch. -Contributor: steven


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7. Where to get hints.

EIDOS Interactive does not provide hints or live hint lines. A 900 number listed in the manual or a strategy guide is the only available option for those you need game play assistance. If you live in Canada or has the 900 blocking, your only option is to purchase the strategy guide from computer stores or bookstores. If no one has it, you can call the publisher at 415-372-9489, Dimension Publishing.

Below are all the codes that we know and we do not provide any support.

PC Cheat Codes

Level Skip Code : While in a level do the following with Lara: Walk one

step forward (using the walk key), take one step backward, turn around 3 full times

(doesn't matter which direction), and then do a Forward jump.

All Weapons Code : While in a level do the following with Lara: Walk

one step forward (using the walk key), take one step backward, turn around 3 full

times (doesn't matter which direction), and then do a Backward jump.

Sony Playstation (PSX) Codes

All Guns and Full Ammo Code : While in the game go into

your inventory and press LOOK, DRAW GUNS, STEP RIGHT,


gives you all the guns(Magnums, Shotgun, and Uzi's) with full ammo for each.

SEGA Saturn Cheat Codes

Level Skip Code :Pause the game and go into the last page of

the passport. Once there, press Z,Y,Z,Y,X,X,X, Start. Then press

C and you'll skip to the next level.

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8) What operating systems are supported?


Tomb Raider was not designed to run with Windows NT, any version, even using the DOS shell. You have to create a dual boot system to enable DOS or Windows 95. Also, if you have the Windows 95 Service Pack 2 or OEM SP2, the game may not run

properly since we did not test this new OS. No MACINTOSH version of the game will be made at all.

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9. Where is the background music?

Background Music only occurs during the animated sequences, Main Title Screen, and Lara’s action such discovering a secret room or is in danger. Sound effects are gunshots, movement collision, footsteps, grunts, and animal sounds. The DOS/WIN 95 version only contains 9 audio tracks. You can listen to these tracks using your CD audio controller. The Sony and Saturn versions contain more audio tracks. This was a design decision.

Below is a summary of each track in the DOS/WIN 95 version:

Track 1: Data files for the whole game

Track 2: Background music for the Main Title Screen

Track 3: Ambient music

Track 4: Another ambient sound

Track 5: Introduction sound

Track 6: Another sound

Track 7: Natla and Lara's dialogue after the Great Pyramid Level

Track 8: Lara and Larson's dialogue after LEVEL 4

Track 9: Lara places the scion, after Natla's Mine

Track 10: Lara is reading the hieroglyphics, after Tomb of Tihocan level.

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10. How to exit.

To exit the game, hit ESC, arrow down to the Passport and hit Enter. Arrow right one or two times and select ‘Exit to Title’ then hit Enter. This will take you to the Main Title Screen, select Passport again, arrow right and select Exit then hit Enter.

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11. Why is there sound cutouts in the German version?

The initial production copies of the German CD version had some problems running the sound effects and/or the red book audio. There are new production copies available; therefore, we suggest that you replace your copy with the new copies. Please consult the manual for details or contact our UK office. You may email our US support line for more information at:

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12. Can I run it on a 486?

We do not recommend running the game with a 486 processor regardless of the speed, yes even at 100MHz. That is because the animated sequences will not run, only a squeech sound or hissing noise. In addition, the graphics will be slow. We were able to run it at VGA with reduce screen size on a 15" monitor which was adequate for general gameplay but difficult to find small places or hideaways. If your video card has 2MB or more VRAM, you may be able to play all the animations.

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13. SEGA Saturn version users.

There are 2 issues you need to remember:

a) If you are trying to load a save game, just tap the button lightly,

this will bring up the save screen. If you press it too hard, the save

screen will not be displayed.

b) The black line or band to the side of the screen is not a bug but an

inherent problem with the Saturn system. The width of this band is only

at most one inch or 2.5 cm

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14. How to get high resolution or SVGA mode.

To get SVGA mode, press F1 when you are in the game. This will let you switch modes between VGA and SVGA. If in SVGA mode your speed is slow, press F2 to reduce the screen size. F3 to increase it back. Refer to the manual, page 4, for more keyboard commands.

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15. Can I copy the whole game to the hard drive?

You cannot copy the full game to your hard drive because the game is programmed to installed about 1MB of files to your hard drive and look for the data files from the CDROM. We felt this helps reduce the overhead of data installed to the hard drive and prevent piracy.

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16. Disable the ‘Autorun’ and examining files.

To prevent the Autorun feature to execute when you insert the CD, simply hold the Shift KEY until the CD is loaded. If you want to open the CD to examine its contents, just click with the Right-Mouse-Button.

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17. Save File Issues.

If you find yourself loosing your save files, unable to Save or Load game files, or unable to save the settings, make sure you have installed the game properly. If you are playing the game from the CDROM, you cannot write any files to it. If you are unable to install because of sound problems, please refer to #3 of this FAQ for more information.

Playing Lara and her double: A bug exists in this level that occurs randomly, to save in this area: Go to the entrance and jump up to the outside direction, slide back into the room and the double will now act as before. Wait again until the door on the other side opens. If not you will have a dead double lying around somewhere in the room and the exit door stays closed. Afterwards, save the game. Don't save in between.

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18. Error Messages.

"Cannot allocate Real Mode buffer, Memory allocation error: Cannot start COMMAND, exiting"

There are two possible solutions to this message;

1. You have a 486 CPU and the game requires a Pentium 60 or greater to run. you will not be able to run Tomb Raider on your Computer.

2. You have a DOS system. Tomb Raider requires at least 6.5 megabytes of EMS memory and at l at least 580 kilobytes of conventional memory to run. You will need to create a boot disk to get the game to run. You will need to make sure that your EMM386.EXE line has RAM and not NOEMS. Also, you will want to REM your mouse line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

"Cannot access D:\DATA\LEVEL5.PHD".

"Tomb Raider Core Design Nov. __ (05 or 21) 1996 (Time)

Level __ (E:\data\ is version _______. (This game code is

version 32). Levels 2 and 4 and version #'s 7941664 and 10998396."

"Cannot access D:\DATA\LEVEL5.PHD" and then

"Please insert the Tomb Raider CD" (one has to eject the CD, reinsert it, let it spin up, and then reload Tomb Raider.)

S_LoadLevel( ): Could not open E:\data\

Not ready reading drive E

Abort, Retry, Fail?

PLEASE: Refer to the CDROM section, FAQ #5, for more information on possible solutions.

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19. Tomb Raider Story Line Synopsis.


A nuclear explosion in Los Alamos, New Mexico hurled a piece of artifact to the sky where it landed in an undisclosed desert valley. From a hotel in Calcutta, Larson delivers a message to Lara Croft using a laptop computer link, live from Natla's office. Lara is given the job of finding an artifact called the Scion. The artifact supposedly contains " unknown powers" from Atlantis. Her first task is to go to Peru and into the City of Qualopec, an ancient Incan city, and find the first piece of the Scion.

First Level:

Along with a guide, Lara finds the entrance to the lost city. Upon opening the huge doors, several wolves attack the guide. After Lara killed all the wolves and found the guide dead, she enters the opening when the doors suddenly closes behind her.

First Cut Scene (after the Tomb of Qualopec level):

Larson tells Lara that Natla has sent Pierre to find the other 2 pieces of the Scion, disclosing the location, St. Francis' Folly. Afterwards, Larson tries to put the hurt on Lara but she gets the better of him. Lara goes to Natla's headquarters, breaks in and looks for the information on where to get the next piece of the Scion.

Second Cut Scene (after the Tomb of Tihocan level):

Lara is reading an Egyptian hieroglyphics both from the wall and the cover of a tomb. After holding the 2 pieces of the Scion together, she is suddenly pulled into a dream about Atlantis; a scene of ancient rituals. The dream shows her where the last piece is located... in the ruins of ancient Egypt. Riding a motorcycle, she heads speedily to find the last piece.

Third Cut Scene (after the Sanctuary of the Scion level):

Coming out of the cave and blinded by the sun, Natla's hired companions sneak up on Lara. One of them, the Cowboy, takes Lara's pistols and the 3 pieces of the Scion. The Cowboy shows the Scion to Natla and she orders them to kill Lara. However, Lara eludes them by jumping off the cliff into the river. Once Natla and her companions drive away, Lara rides her motorcycle and chases them. She then arrives by a pier, finding out that Natla's party have boarded a yacht and are about to leave. Using her bike, she speeds up towards shore and jumps into the water, swimming towards the yacht, avoiding Natla's bodyguards and sneaking aboard the boat. Once in the boat, she goes inside a stow away and sleeps. When she wakes up, the yacht has stopped next to an island.

Natla's Mines:

The scene begins with Natla placing the Scion in an ancient table, suspended by a magnetic field, when it suddenly turns and activates a count down timer. The mountain collapses revealing the pyramid of Atlantis.

The Great Pyramid:

As Lara approaches the same table where Natla placed the scion earlier, she falls into another dream; rituals of the old Atlantis with Natla being accused of stealing the Scion for personal powers. When she steps back, Natla confronts her regarding the power of the Scion. As the countdown elapses, Lara pulls the pistols when Natla pushes here towards the edge. Lara manages to grab the ledge on the opposite side while Natla falls to her death. Suddenly, the piece on top of the wall moves.


When Lara escapes from the Pyramid, Atlantis explodes. As our heroine swims towards the yacht and drives away, our story ends.

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